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I feel that I will not be unique in admitting that I love printed matter, variously textured paper and colours. This section is a showcase of designed material for the everyday use. 

Print design | Illustration | Typography | Photoshop | Character design | Concept design



Calendar 2023 

Calendar was designed to support note-taking, providing generous space on the right side of the book. Also, by leaving one side of the page blank, it reduced the initially anticipated high printing costs.

Note on format: The calendar was designed so that 8 calendar pages could fit on a single A4 sheet, in full bleed. This ensured that there was no paper waste.

G.F. Smith paper  used: Transclear 110gsm White, soft cover; 
Gmund Beer 250gsm Bock & Pils, hard cover; 
Neenah Environment 118gsm Birch.

Fonts: Year - Obviously Compressed (Oh No); Month - Le Murmure (Velvetyne), Week - NaN Jaune (NaN), Day - Acumin Pro Condensed (Adobe).

Calendar 2022


Calendar 2022 

A half A4 in size calendar/daily planner to celebrate the year of tiger 2022. This year a main character tiger is a shy explorer of the world, trying to connect with other. Each month can be summarized in tiger's speech bubble. Cells are large enough to use the calendar as a habit tracker.

Four different G.F. Smith papers are used to create a tactile pleasure of filling
the calendar in every day:

- Gmund Leather, 240gsm, back cover

- Mohawk Superfine, 148gsm, body & 270gsm front cover

- Plike, 140gsm, pocket

- Transclear, 110gsm, oversheet

Calendar 2022



Calendar 2021 


A half A4 in size calendar/daily planner to celebrate the year of bull 2021. Cells are large enough to do a drawing or make notes. There is a pocket at the back of the calendar. Also, it has three enlarged colourful images that could later be used as bookmarks.