I feel that I will not be unique in admitting that I love printed matter, variously textured paper and colours. This section is a showcase of designed material for the everyday use. 

print design










Calendar 2021 


A half A4 in size calendar/daily planner to celebrate the year of bull 2021. Cells are large enough to do a drawing or make notes. There is a pocket at the back of the calendar. Also, it has three enlarged colourful images that could later be used as bookmarks. 




Calendar 2019


Desktop calendar with 12 unique pig characters, each dedicated to a family

member, celebrating their birthday that month. Cells are designed to be large enough to make quick notes and mark important meeting dates.






A5 in size, printed on recycled paper, this notepad has three sections: to spend some time to exercise your brain and solve the labyrinth, to mark important tasks, and to plan events or daily meals for the entire week.