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Language games



Language Games 

A language is a structured and conventional means of communication (Oxford dictionary, 2019). To learn a new language is to accept the concept behind the words and to understand their structure. However, in most cases, how the words look and how they sound have to be analysed separately, revealing the beauty and peculiar features of the language. 


The modern English language uses a Latin alphabet consisting of 26 letters, which make over 350,000 words. No wonder some words share same spelling but are different in meaning (homographs), or share same pronunciation but are different in spelling and meaning (homophones). When two or more words are joined together, a compound word is created as a new word that has an entirely new meaning. 

All these different categories make a new language learner attentive as the more associations can be made through the sound or visuals, the easier it is to remember the information. Nonetheless, the experienced language users might overlook the peculiarities of the language. For this reason, this typography project invites them to play or, to be more specific, to spend some time solving a puzzle, written in puzzle shape letters, to have a look at language in an unfamiliar form. If the puzzles are too difficult, try to look at it with 3D glasses. Colours will reveal an answer or at least will provide a clue. Happy puzzling!

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