Cheers zine 

To what extent can we play with the process of collaboration? How does ownership work when designers are collaborating? How important is collaboration in general? To answer these questions, my three groupmates, Maria Sofia Meirelles, Avani Lakhotia, Sila Deniz Goktas, and I started a zine.

To frame our experiments we decided to stick to four fonts and square format of the design as the only elements of the brand identity.

print design







Issue 1: food. The issue was focused on the aspect of ownership of the work. In the first stage, each of us created five spreads. In the second stage, we distanced ourselves from the works we created, and combined the spreads into new compositions. During the third stage, in order to celebrate our differences, each of use created a composition of the same individual spreads. 

Find the first issue here.


Issue 2: superstitions. The issue's topic was dictated by the release date, which was on the Halloween. This time, our aim was to question an independent contribution for the final outcome, and what is the unifying element that makes the work consistent.

Find out more about the second issue here.